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Common Advantage is the culmination of over 20 years of building experience, environmental research, international study and thoughtful reflection.


In the News: Common Advantage builds Shorewood Home


SE Wisconsin

We live and build in the Milwaukee bio-region, but can consult for any location.



Green Building

In this day and age, everyone is a Green Builder...but are they?  We consider the majority of builders and architects to be "Green Veneer" at best.  True Green building needs to consider site, materials, use, durability, energy (incl. embodied), waste and cradle-to-grave considerations.  A bamboo floor and a solar panel doth not a Green building make.  

Stephen Servais, Principal


  • Steve has 20+ years of building experience

  • Specialized in highly-customized, sustainable homes and Green remodels

  • Board member of WasteCap Resource Solutions and active supporter of a number of Milwaukee-area sustainable non-profits

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